If the ToolScope Connector should be used to supply a ToolScope with data of the control system of the machine, several steps must be carried out. One of the following archives and access to the control of the machine is required.

  • QT-ToolScope-Connector-*.zip
  • WIN-ToolScope-Connector-*.zip
  • *


Two user cycles must be copied to the controller. The files are called "TS_OPC_ON" and "TS_OPC_OFF" and are in the archive. The variables "R_Start" and "ID_Start" must be adapted to a free area of 10 and 4 values. "R_Start" indicates the R parameter from which the cycle begins to read/write values.

The cycle writes the following values into the R parameters:

R_Start            =           trigger
R_Start + 1      =          trigger2
R_Start + 2      =          program number
R_Start + 3      =          processing number
R_Start + 4      =          tool number
R_Start + 5      =          rework

The cycle reads the following values from the R parameters:

R_Start + 6      =          override
R_Start + 7      =          alarm number
R_Start + 8      =          channel number of the alarm
R_Start + 9      =          ACK

Set up OPCConnector

The "ts_variables.ini" configuration file is to be configured according to this site. The above "R_Start" entries must be read and written from ToolScope Connector.

The following entries must be added for reading. For these entries “<Channel>” and “<R_Start + X>" must be replaced with corresponding numbers. Replace “<Channel>” with the target channel of the control system (Mostly 1).

/Channel/Parameter/R[u<Channel>,<R_Start+2>]@Program number
/Channel/Parameter/R[u<Channel>,<R_Start+3>]@Processing number
/Channel/Parameter/R[u<Channel>,<R_Start+4>]@Tool number


The following entries must be added for writing:
(inside the “tsvariables.ini” file the entries need the letter ‘e’ at the start)



Customize the NC program

To monitor a process, start and stop triggers must be added to the program to be executed. Somewhere at the beginning of the program, the following line must be added:


To trigger a start trigger, the following lines must be added:

TS_OPC_ON(<Trigger>, <Triger1>, <OVR>, <Program number>, <Processing number>, <Tool number>)


The parameters are the values that the cycle writes to the R parameters. This does not apply to <OVR>, which allows overriding the feed rate. <Trigger>, <Triger1> and <OVR> are true on ‘1’. The others parameters are numbers for distinguishing the processes.
To trigger a stop trigger, the following lines must be added: