ToolScope Net was designed to run on a server. It can also run on a Windows client system like "Windows 7", but some default settings in Windows can trigger some problems. This article lists a few important options that should be changed.


Power Management

The power management is one of the most important settings. Its controls the power consumption by slowing down or switching off some modules from Windows. We recommend setting the power plan to "high performance". Also one should look through the plan settings of "High performance" and check if everting seems fine.


Pre-installed Applications

The newer Windows versions a coming with a huge amount of unnecessary applications. Most of them a running in the background or starting some services at boot up. This can slow down the Computer and ToolScope Net depending on the pre-installed software. We recommend using a clean environment deleting all unnecessary applications and disable automatic starts of applications not needed after the boot up of the system.


Windows Update

In the newer versions the update function causes some problems. Its needs a lot of power, restarts the computer automatically and sometimes installs defective updates. We recommend to disable the Windows update service. The system should only be updated at a maintenance with updates for security and fixing errors.