Batch Counter columns are described as below:-



Batch counter columns:-


   1. Piece:-

       Contains no. of work-piece already processed by the Tool. Piece is increased every time once processing is done.


   2. Maximum:-

       It is the maximum no. of allowed work-piece that can be processed by a tool.



   3. Reserve(Batch counter):-

        It is the percentage of the work-piece which are available for processing.



Dependency  between the “Batch Counter” columns:-

a) When "Reserve(Batch counter)" is disabled:-




There is no dependency on other columns. Only "Reserve(Batch counter)" is disabled.


b) When "Batch Counter" is disabled:-





As we see that all of the Batch counters columns(Piece,Maximum,Reserve(Batch counter)) are disabled, if "Batch Counter" is disabled.


Default reset value for "Maximum" column:-

Also, user can select the default value for "Maximum" column, via settings->others(configuration for internal settings)



click on "Edit variable", a window will open, then enter the desired value to set Maximum value



Below is the screen after Maximum column Reset