In the "Base" sub-point, you can make general settings regarding the appearance and behavior of the ToolScope. Both these and all further settings are correctly configured after installation.

You do not need to change anything here and should only do this after backing up the settings and with sufficient prior knowledge.

When setting up a machine, you will especially be interested in the points

  • Screen resolution, Language, Touchscreen activation (under Display)
  • Assign axes numbers of the control to strings in the user interface (under machine description)
  • Network configuration (under network)
  • Signal span which is treated as signal noise ; don't underestimate this; fill it! (under Signal accuracy)
  • Screen layout of monitoring windows (under Screen layout)
  • Which licenced monitoring methods shall be shown and which shall be hidden in the dropdown choice menus (under Monitoring selection)
  • Additional monitoring tabs in the service pane (under additional monitoring windows)
  • Map user rights to the current access level (Access)
  • Time aspects (under time)
  • Map signals like tool numbers, program numbers, etc. to strings (Signal content replacement)