Places where character strings can be entered are displayed in red if you yourself have entered these character strings. Red character strings are retained after a change of language. They are firmly coded from the time at which you entered them.

By contrast, the character strings displayed in black are language-independent. They are adapted according to the selected language.

At the time of typing, the strings appear red, as long as the system did not recognize them for auto-translation.

If you have adapted character strings on systems that offer multilingual use, you should test two languages during live production operation (idle, without workpieces?).


Assumption: we want that tools are not only differentiated by the tool name - they shall also be differentiated by the program name (this is just an example, without having a meaningful use case).

We type under Settings >> Monitoring >> Tool Identification two times the String "Program". Both times, we start writing just by skipping the last "m":


Now we complete the second "progra" to "program":


Now we switch the language to Chinese:


Result: the string, which was recognized by the automatic translation engine, was translated when changing the language. The other string keeps constant when you switch the language.