This article describes, which hardware driver of the group of fieldbus drivers can serve which ToolScope hardware.

Each driver offers some specific aspects of the concrete configuration. The links below lead to the specific aspects.



Use / Hardware

ProfibusCIFX (V2)

(The article describes the
driver family in general
AND well as the specific
Profibus driver)

Standard top-hat rail devices
(in particular ToolScope rev 2, rev3, nearly all devices from >= 2016)


General: Profibus via "CIFX" Profibus cards from Hilscher

ProfibusAppIO (V2)

Only supplied to ensure backwards compatibility

General: Profibus via "AppIO" Profibus cards from Woodhead


Top-hat rail devices with Profinet

General: Profinet via "CIFX" profinet cards from Hilscher


TCP/IP-based connection to control systems via Modbus protocol

General: All ToolScopes which are to be connected to Fanuc control systems