The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Additional monitoring windows allows you to configure the number of additional monitoring windows.

The maximum number of additional monitoring windows is determined by the purchased license.

The additional windows can be assigned names, and the number of channels within the windows can be set.

Additional monitoring windows are added as additional tab pages in the service area.


Function name


Number of additional monitoring windows

Number of windows to be set up in addition to the main view

Name of monitoring window X

Name of the tab page showing monitoring window X in the service area. The monitoring channel files are saved under this name in the log directory.

Number of channels in the monitoring window X

Number of monitoring channels displayed in the tab page for monitoring window X

After the ToolScope has been restarted, the monitoring channels configured above are available in the service area.


The size and layout of the windows for the individual monitoring channels can be configured under the "Screen layout" option.

Configure monitoring tabs in the main view

Since V10_SP14. there is a feature switch "Additional monitoring windows in the main view": This is especially useful for machines with many NC channels like round table machines.

If you enable it, you can configure freely where additional monitoring tabs shall appear.

Enable the feature switch:

Configure your tabs:


Get the result:


Remark: you can configure the name of the first view with an internal setting under Service > Settings > Other: Change the below setting and do a partial restart to get the name updated in the user interface.