This article is about adapting a hardware configuration of an IOConfig project to add a ToolScope to that configuration.

Using our GSD file, add a Profibus slave to the configuration. Install the slave by creating an output range of 104 bytes using three "32 bytes out" modules and one "8 bytes out" module. Then supplement the slave with 48 input bytes using the "32 bytes in" and "16 bytes in" modules.          

Note 1: The bytes' designation is not relevant. They must only be behind one another in the output image. The bytes are addressed from our SRC files via indirect addressing.      

Note 2: You are working ineffectively if you set the bytes to the correct output addresses manually. Furthermore, after manually numbering 104+48=152 bytes, you may not be able to guarantee the correctness of your work results. Use the function to automatically number newly assigned bytes that can be found under "Project"/"Settings" ("Projekt"/"Einstellungen").