The article describes how to access the log file area, the service area, the settings area etc. of a ToolScope Server or SoftScope on a Windows computer.

Install an SFTP client. Here it is assumed, that you use WinSCP.


Start WinSCP:


Enter the required IP under "Host name". Enter "service" as user name and the service password of the device as password.


If you connect your client the first time via a SFTP client, you are regularly asked, whether you really want to start the connection. This only happens on the first connection.

>> If you get a message like the below: confirm the warning.


After login the service area should be shown:


In general, you are able to access

  • the log file area. It is placed below the path /home/ftp
  • the service area. It is placed below the path /home/service
  • the settings area. It is placed below the path /home/settings