VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a type of technology with which PCs can be controlled remotely via an Intranet. ToolScope supports the underlying protocol. It can be controlled remotely from any desktop PCs with VNC clients. It is up to you or your IT team to install this type of client. We recommend that you use the RealVNC or UltraVNC software package.

Tip: When installing a VNC client, we recommend that you only install the VNC Viewer (client). The VNC Server, which will also be offered to you by many installation routines, should generally be deselected, as it is not required.

For connection to the device, you only need to specify the device's IP address in your VNC client. Unless otherwise specified by your company during initial installation, the IP address on tghe service port is

The figure shows the correctly completed log-in screen for the RealVNC VNC client.

RealVNC Viewer log-in screen

After establishing the VNC connection, you can operate the device from your desktop PC or a laptop.