The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Access allows you to configure map the current access level to user rights. You can e.g. define, what is possible in which level.

Possible access levels are (in ascending order) "Automatic", "Configuration" and "Service". You can also define the user level, which is active at startup.

When delivered, every ToolScope is configured so that it is in the "Service" access level after start-up.

There is no password for the "Automatic" access level. This level is active if no valid password has been entered or no other level has been set via the PLC.

The default password for the "Configuration" access level is "eclipse". The default password for the "Service" access level is "sunrise". The input of passwords is not case-sensitive. Manually entered passwords are reset to the start-up password after 3600 seconds, by default.

Passwords are entered under Service / Settings / Other.


The passwords for the different access levels can be changed under "Other".

Finally, it is also possible to specify a time after which the access level should return to the start-up level if it has been changed through manual input of a password.