This article is about the connection of a ToolScope to a human machine interface of a Siemens 840D control which is equipped with the Siemens software "HMI Advanced".

KOMET Brinkhaus delivers an "Installation package" with the device. It contains the "TSVNCC.EXE" file with the corresponding "TSVNCC.ini", and the files "regie.ini" and "RE_GR.ini". These need to be installed on the Siemens control panel.

Copy the TSVNCC.EXE and TSVNCC.ini files onto the control panel computer in a meaningful installation directory. Below, it is assumed that you have copied the files into a directory entitled "F:\OEM\Brinkhaus\".

Copy the "regie.ini" file into the "F:\OEM" directory or create the "regie.ini" file in the "F:\OEM" directory with the following content:

Taskxx = name := OEMFRAME, CmdLine := "F:\\OEM\\ Brink­haus\\TSVNCC.exe", HeaderOnTop := False, ClassName := "TSVNCC", Win­dowName := "TSVNCC", PreLoad :=False 

When doing so, replace xx with the number of the desired control-panel button. Numbers 0-7 correspond to the eight buttons on the bottom of the machine control panel after pressing Machine Select. Numbers 8-15 correspond to the second selection list, which appears after pressing  >.        

Copy the "regie.ini" file into the "F:\OEM\Language" directory or create the "RE_GR.ini" file in the "F:\OEM\Language" directory with the following content:

HSKxx = "ToolScope"

Here, replace xx with the number that you have entered in "regie.ini" in place of xx (header number).

Connect your device to the machine control panel via an Ethernet network. The easiest way to do this is to use a crossover network cable.

Configure TSVNCC.ini

The TSVNCC.ini contains information about the ToolScope IP and allows the set language for the control panel to be imported. The IP is set to as standard, and the language is not adopted.

  • Behind "IP=", enter the ToolScope IP.
  • There is an option in the ToolScope firmware which automatically takes over the language from the HMI to the ToolScope. It is triggered with the option "Dynamically apply the language from the control panel":

    To adopt the language from the control panel in ToolScope, delete the";" in front of "MCC-PATH=" and enter the correct mmc.ini path. If the path is entered incorrectly, an error is issued in the ToolScope self diagnostics.

Example view

Example view after integrating the device in the control panel display


The planned softkey should appear in the control panel after restarting the control system at the latest. After pressing this softkey, the device user interface appears. If you press the "Machine Select" or "Menu Select" buttons, the other Siemens menu items are shown as usual.

TSVNCC for HMI can read out NC variables from version 20150220 onwards and make them available to the ToolScope so that they can be read out using the "Remote access" driver. The configuration of the "OPCConnector" TSVNCC module to be used is explained in Chapter 7.6.